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Makeup Trials

We strive to give you our very best in order to enhance your experience with us at Lash & Ink Studio. We adhere to certain policies to benefit you and create a harmonious environment where our artist can focus on your needs. We welcome you and will work hard to provide a great experience as we hope to become your favorite
Lash & Ink Studio.

Cancellation Policy: Lash & Ink Studio requires 24-hour notice prior to any cancellation or rescheduling an appointment. Cancelling within 4 hours of your appointment will be considered a no-show and those fees will apply. Failure to give 24-hour notice will result in 50% of the scheduled service fee. No-shows will be charged 100% of the scheduled service fee.

Late Policies: Please notify us if you are running late for your appointment. Running late may result in your service being altered to fit the remaining time available. If you are at least 30 minutes late, your appointment will be treated as a no-show and fees may apply.

Refunds: Lash & Ink Studio does not offer refunds on services. If in any case you are not satisfied with our service, please notify us and we will do our best to resolve any issues. 

Allergies: If you experience an allergic reaction to any of the products used during a service, please notify us immediately for assistance in assessing the situation. If you have experienced allergic reactions to eyelash extensions in the past and think you may have an allergy to our products, please let us know prior to your appointment. A patch test can be administered before your appointment. Simply phone or email us with this request. *Refunds are not given for allergic reactions.

Children: We cannot accommodate small children in the lash/ink room as our artist will not be able to provide supervision. Thank you for your consideration. 

PMU Clients: 

Credit Card information is required in order to reserve/schedule any services. On the day of your service, you may change which credit card you utilize for the final payment.

If you fail to show for your appointment and do not call to inform us of the change, our policy is to charge 100% of the service(s).

Contraindications are conditions that make a particular service potentially inadvisable. In all instances, we encourage transparent communication with your cosmetic tattoo artist  to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience. Examples of contraindications include: Chemotherapy, blood thinners,  fever, pregnancy, breastfeeding, varicose veins or sunburn. 

If you have a previous tattoo or microblading done somewhere else, we require that you send pictures of your brows without any makeup before booking your appointment. All deposits are non refundable/non transferable.


All Microblading and PMU touch ups are not included in initial session and are only for returning clients. Second session prices are valid 6-16 weeks after your first session only. Additional charges will apply if you book beyond this frame. 

Age Requirement
Per Florida Law, you must be 18 years or older to receive a cosmetic tattoo.

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