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What We Offer

Boutique Service

Lash & Ink is a full service Eyelash Extension, Eyebrows, and Permanent Makeup boutique studio in Deerfield Beach, FL.
We offer  high quality, safe and custom services. Unlike many franchises, our client is special and treated with the care and attention each one deserves. Our eyelash extensions and permanent makeup are performed by a licensed and 8x certified master and trainer. Our amazing eyelash extension studio is located in the beautiful city of Deerfield Beach, close to all major highways. We are just minutes from Parkland, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Deer Creek, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach and surrounding areas. We offer different styles and lengths  to match your needs and wants. Classic eyelash extensions, hybrid lashes, Egyptian volume, and volume lashes are some of the choices you have. We also offer lash lift and tint. 

Our permanent makeup studio offers the highest quality, and safety is our top priority. The artist is highly experienced and has a high sense of design, taking in consideration facial structure, expression and hair color. 

You can choose from natural hair strokes Nanoblade or powder brows. 

Our lip blushing can correct hyperpigmentation, pale lips, and add a beautiful color to your lips.  We have many shades to choose from. 

Our brow bar offers complimentary facial measurement with your service, to best design and shape your eyebrows. 

You can choose from wax, which is safe on sensitive skin, or tweezing. 

*Please let your artist know if you are on any medication such as Accutane or strong acids on the face. 


Permanent makeup:

Nano blade hair strokes 

Shadow/Powder Brows 

Lip blushing 

Eyelash Extension:

Classic lashes  

Egyptian volume 

Mega volume 

Eyelash removal 

Lash lift and tint 

Eyebrow Bar:

Brow shape and design 

Brow tint 

Brow henna 

Brow lamination 

Eyebrows Makeup
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